The Feather in the Sand

The Beach Today

It is a warm September morning, with a slight North wind bite reminding me that I should be wearing a warm coat. It is autumn. But the sun is warm through the cloud and making the sand sparkle.

The tide is a long way out leaving the sand exposed and chatty – a dazzle of patterns, crazy drawings on a three-dimensional rippled carpet. With the mix of sand and mud from the estuary (River Taw and Torridge) the tide has a pallet of colours to play with!

Then I spot the feather.

The footprint of a feather

Isn’t it magical? See how it shines! In amongst other footprints in the sand, you can see how the feather has landed, and sketched its halting journey with the quill. It is locked to the sand by the weight of water, but yet, it still dances in the wind, as if keen to be back in the air where it feels it belongs.

Did you know?

The feather means different things to different people. For some cultures feathers signify strength, truth, purity and wisdom. The Christian bible and some native American cultures identify them as symbols that embody angels and our spiritual guides. This is particularly true for a white feather, like this little fellow on the sand,

“Feathers appear where angels are near.”

Finding a feather can mean something for the finder. (I am not sure I ‘found’ it, more like, I ‘came across it’; but it did stop me this morning, both physically and emotionally, so perhaps it found me?) Anyway, according to Richard Alois’ fascinating blog on animal spirit guides, “unquestionably”, when a white feather finds you, and stops you in mid beach walk it indicates, “the presence of peace and positivity in a person’s life. Clean and refined, they symbolize protection and the divine which was sent to remind you about the importance of keeping, or perhaps renewing, your connection with God.” Food for my soul to reflect upon.

Reflective Moment

At the time that I found the feather it stuck me how it was to me a symbol of how we all at some time in our life face change but can drag our heals and still yearn for the past, and what was once…. like the little feather still trying to fly as if still attached to its bird, when it really has no choice but to go forwards, alone.

I really marvelled at the way the feather glowed in the sunshine: That was my conscious present moment of awe and wonder to share.

I thought you may wish to ponder on the same feather and let it ‘find you’ in your present moment. In the distance you may be able to discern the gentle swish of the waves, but it is the wind that fills the foreground of sound as the feather comes alive at its touch. Let it speak to you. Allow yourself to feel its message.

The sounds from the beach

“He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge”.

Psalm 91:4

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