Every morning is a fresh start

The Beach today

Promising beginnings

A frosty morning in late October and the world is fresh and new. The sky along the horizon is a pale apricot, reflecting the rising sun in the East. The tide is nearly at its fullest under the pull of a full moon. The spray catches the light and sparkles. and further out, mist swirls. Time to stop for a moment and breathe deep and wonder at the fact that each new day dawns as a blank slate, for us to ‘have another go’ and try whatever it is we have set our minds and hearts at.

Did you know?

It was Keates who called October the month of “Mists and mellow fruitfulness.” Why should we see mists more often in October? It is all to do with the interaction between air and sea and the temperature differences between the two. Mist if you like is the visual sign of the way air and sea ‘communicate’, constantly exchanging heat and gasses (Hydrogen, oxygen, to name two). We tend to see them as separate entities, ‘wet’ area and ‘dry invisible’ area with a boundary between the two – however that is just our perceptions. In reality, they are much more closely connected.

The sea has heated up over the summer and retains its heat. The air, which also heated up during the summer months, rapidly loses that heat through radiation, especially on a clear night with no clouds to prevent the heat from escaping out into space. The air just above the sea is warmed by the water and this wet air rises, to hit into a wall of colder air. Cold air cannot hold moisture, and so condensation occurs with droplets forming that we see as mist.

When does mist become fog? It is all to do with how thick the mist gets. Mist reduces visibility to no less than 1km while fog means visibility is under 1km.

Reflective Moment

Sometimes in life everything feels wrong, uncomfortable and ill-fitting. Other times things just seem to fall into place or feel ‘just right’. This morning gives off a ‘just right’ feeling – a full moon still up, a soft duck-egg blue sky edged with tangerine hues reflecting the rising sun. Beautiful lacey mist dancing out to sea. The rise and fall of the waves are gentle and rhythmical, white spray catching the sun every now and then to add extra glamour to the morning. The sharp cold adds energy to an intake of breath. Every day has a promise of new things, better attempts, new stories and fresh adventures, but this morning it all feels more positive and possible. Share that feeling of positivity and possibility as you watch the video – let the waves wash over you and give you the new start you want.

PS Don’t forget to look out for the moon and the mist shimmering near the horizon…

The sound of the sea today

The perpetual cadence of the vast sea
Stirs a restless desire that engulfs me.
Like an infinite force I dare not impede,
Briefly rushing in – only to then recede.
Beckoning me to leave life’s safe shore,
Into deep waters of mystery and lore.

The seagulls’ cries seem to taunt me,
To follow them over the endless sea,
Where I’d be free to spread my wings
And discover the new life the sea brings.
Yet, fear holds me fast to a familiar place,
Away from the unknown trials I may face.

Even the ocean’s waves seem to conspire,
Relentlessly calling to stoke curiosity’s fire,
As they rumble ashore with impatient haste,
Swirling about my feet with purpose chaste,
Urging me to follow as they return to the sea,
Leaving a luring trail of life or its relics for me.

Shall I boldly explore the sea’s possibilities,
Or allow imagined worries to be liabilities?
Although I cannot foretell all the sea offers,
The strong desire to enrich my mind’s coffers
Begs me to obey the sea’s enticing siren song
And let its wandering currents carry me along.

As the day slowly wanes on the sea’s horizon,
I ponder the sea’s glittering trail to the sun,
Inviting me to watch its vibrant dying light,
Before the day’s life gives way to the night.
Still, I lingered a while after it faded away,
Wondering about the promises of a new day.

Belinda Stotler

I was only going to add an extract but couldn’t find a section I wanted to cut out – the whole poem feels like the roll in and out of endless waves, and the challenge to explore outside of our comfort zone is one I thought we could sit with as we watch the video (again?).

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