A Little More About Me

Photography, gardening, visiting gardens, photographing flowers, hugging trees (when no one is watching), walking coastal paths, mooching amongst rockpools talking to winkles; watching gulls swoop; listening to larks; travelling, being anonymous in cities, feeling tiny in cathedrals, navigating using (old fashioned) maps, supporting environmental groups, helping with beach cleans, yoga, all-year sea swimming, trying new foods.

Photo montage – a few of my favourite things..

I also like to write. It transports me away. I disappear into my thoughts and imaginings and emerge hours later – magical! Sometimes the words I have as evidence of my ‘away time’ is surprisingly awful, or surprisingly good (Wow! Girl, that’s sounds quite good, well done!) – I never know which way it will turn out, but I still enjoy the process, so I continue.


I like to bring aspects of the environment to life for others. I have been an environmental science and Geography teacher with 30 years’ experience and live in the rural and coastal glorious North Devon, within the designated Biosphere region. I am passionate about highlighting the wonders of the ecosystems in this part of the world.

Non-fiction articles


  • MSc in Environmental & Developmental Education
  • BA(Hons) Geography &Psychology


I have been active in Geography and Environmental Science through teaching for over 30 years.

Setting sunlight – magical and enflaming the imagination!

Published works

  • Feature article – On the Crest of a Wave – Country Life – Edition 07/07/2021
  • Feature article – Snakes in the Grass – Country Life – Edition 22/09/2021
  • Feature article – Sands of Time – Coast – Edition January 2022


Student of the Year Award 2022: The Writers Bureau


Work in progress. I write what I like to read – sometimes this matches the ‘market’ demands, sometimes it doesn’t….

Published fiction

  • The Gardener – short story – Scribble – July 2021
  • Into the Shadows book (release date 29th March 2023)