Rolling with the Punches

The beach today

Pebble Dance

Sometimes we just have to roll….like the pebbles on the beach under the greater power of the wave – there is nothing we can do about it, we are where we are, what is happening is happening and we – just have to roll. It isn’t what we like (we like nice things to happen and for us always to be in control) and we probably all spend a lot of time and energy trying to protect ourselves against us ever having to ‘roll again’, once it has happened to us once.

Did you know?

Many world religions seek to reassure us as we go through difficult times (Or worry about imagined future ones). One of the most frequently used words uttered by Jesus in the New Testament was, “Do not be afraid.” Hindu traditions promote suffering as a natural part of living and teach yoga as a way of learning to endure and deal with it.

Reflective Moment

As I stood on the pebble ridge watching the waves crash against the pebble wall at high tide, I reflected on how good am I at being a pebble. I worry over things I cannot change, or about things that haven’t happened, and may not, when I should just be accepting that I am not always in control, and I need more curiosity to seek where these currents will lead, rather than trying to swim upstream (A terrible onslaught of ‘wet’ metaphors there – but it was raining this morning!).

Nature also continually role models the endless cycle of happy – sad, difficult – easy for us: Rain follows sun, growth follows decay, low tides rise to high tides, summer harvest turns to winter cold; the leaves always turn red and fall, but the new shoots always emerge come spring. We are part of this cycle, and it is an inevitable rolling process of renewal and we need to learn to not be afraid, and bravely roll.

Our life experiences shape us. I watched the pebbles roll and bounce at high tide this morning, and realised that they are being changed, shaped by their experience, from rough chunks of rock fallen from the cliffs they are rounded and smoothed, revealing different patterns and colours as their layers are exposed. I wonder what kind of pebble I am – what about you? How have you been shaped, and what beautiful colours of rock now shine from you?

I don’t think it is always possible to find anything in hard times to be grateful about, but for me helps to know that it is all part of something much bigger than myself, a connected cyclical turning of the seasons. If we feel as if it is winter in our souls now, we should know that it will get better and summer will return once more.

Part of that ‘something bigger’ is very evident in the manifestation of sheer power in the form of the waves at high tide; the relentless pounce and strike of the waves on a wet and windy day is awe inspiring and humbling. The poor pebbles are at it’s total mercy, but the energy and soul-deep growl of the sea calls to each one of us to take our place in the natural world and be a positive part of it.

The sound of the sea today

“The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination, and brings eternal joy to the soul.”

Robert Wyland

“One of the most celebrated artists and conservationists of our time, Wyland has captivated the world with his spectacular paintings, sculptures, photography and landmark Whaling Wall murals”. – his website is well worth a visit – beautiful!

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