No borders

The beach today

Today was what I call a ‘no borders’ day; misty and grey with low-lying cloud so that it feels as if I am living inside a chalk or pastel impressionist painting. Boundaries are blotted, blurring the distinction between sea and sky, land and air, near and far, day and night, today and tomorrow…. What happens when we take away our boundaries and routine of every day life? What does it feel like to float on mist and just ‘BE’?

Did you know?

Grey is the middle man between the two extremes, black and white. It is a very common colour for small animals, as it helps them to camouflage. As there are so many shades of grey, an animal could be patterned quite exquisitely all in grey, look beautiful but be difficult to spot, blending into the background and safe from predators. The heron for example can be hard to spot as it stands stock still waiting to pounce on a fish. It can usually only be spotted by its black markings standing out against the grey once it starts moving.

Reflective moment

Grey can be a mood dampener for some as it is not a bright hue, especially if exposed to grey for long periods of time. But maybe reconsider grey? It has its own magic. It can sharpen other colours, making a black silhouette of a dog walker on the beach stand out sharply, or the soft tangerine stripes of a shell left by the tide shine like a star against the grey sand.

It is a colour that inspires freedom of spirit, freedom from form and shape: It is a colour of neutrality. of mediation and acceptance. Differences are muted, similarities merge in one colour.

Imagine standing on the beach today, half hidden and blending with the environment around you, neither human nor non-human, not up nor down. What aspects of yourself are breathing a sigh of relief in this non-judgemental space? Why? In this calm accepting light, what aspects of yourself do you want to shine bright and have noticed – like the shell?

The sound of the sea today

Enjoy a minute of the gentle woosh of wave static on this calm and windless day. Melt into the greys, relax in the misty murk and let the folding waves embrace you and bring you some peace.

Gentle wave static

The colour of grey is truth

Andre Gide

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