An upside down day

The beach today

It strikes me as a kind of upside down type of day: The sea is quiet and lying grey as a still backdrop while the sky above is full of rolling waves! Pleats of cloud gallop across the sky like a stormy sea, layers of colour highlighting their energy and the capture of weak winter light from the sun.

Did you know?

Looking at the world upside down can have physical and emotional benefits. Although you have to be careful not to do it for too long, or strain any muscles or bones, especially if you have underlying health conditions. However, many (safe) yoga positions include inverting the body so you are upside down. The head stand is an obvious example, but I couldn’t do one of those without risking my health and those around me….! However, a simple forward fold, and the not so simple downward dog lowers your head below your heart. When the head is below the heart, we increase oxygen-rich blood flow to the brain. This helps to regulate neurotransmitters and nourish brain cells. There is some research to claim that inversion poses can also ease stress and anxiety, reduce headaches and help you sleep at night. It might be worth looking at the world from the other way up occasionally.

Reflective moment

How liberating and exciting to view things the other way up! Imagine swimming in those fluffy waves under that leaden winter sky….

Isn’t it strange that in the English language to say ‘view things the other way up’ is a positive expression, meaning, to consider things from a different perspective, whereas to ‘turn things upside down’ means to create chaos?

I am reminded of a lecturer I had at university who used to say, “Consider the question/issue and then turn it upside down and consider it that way too.” Such a powerful piece of advice that has stayed with me.

So often we get trapped in railroads of thoughts, going over and over the same track of thoughts and coming to the conclusion that ‘its hopeless’ or ‘I can’t see a solution’ – have you tried turning it upside down?

The sound of the sea today

wind and waves

Listen to the twin growl of the wind and waves as they intertwine into a rhythmical static. Ride their sounds, and float through their song. Let your imagination free to tumble and turn and see the world from a different way up – you may prefer that view.

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