A present for everyone

The beach today

The end of another day. It started frosty, then rained, and after that, the sun peeked through to diffuse the dying of the day with gentle light: Just as the waves roll relentlessly, so the sky changes with each passing air current. How do we find peace in the constant tumbling change of our lives? We take a moment. As a gift. We hold the present in our minds and hearts for a few deep breaths and notice it, dwell mindfully in it, and let it roll over our tongue to taste its tang. Give yourself this present this Christmas: The present of being present,

Did you know?

Living in the present moment can make you happier, calm, and relaxed. It means noticing the moment you are in and savouring it for what it is. Prevent invading thoughts of futures yet to happen from constantly stealing the present moments away. Hold at bay replays of the past while you appreciate the ‘here and now’.

To find a ‘moment of the present’, stop, stand still, breathe deeply and steadily, and notice your surroundings. Notice the temperature of the air on your skin, the room or environment around you, the sights and sounds, and smells.

Reflective moment

There are times when we have to plan for the future and deal with the past, but small nuggets of mindful moments can lace together like beads on a necklace and decorate your day with orbs of peace and serenity. A worthy present to unwrap for yourself this winter season. After all, we decorate a tree with lights, why not our minds and souls with little lights to see us through the dark?

The natural environment is full of nuggets of treasure for ‘mindful moment baubles,’ so once you stop and start noticing you will be back for more!

A shaft of sunshine through a dark cloud is a mindful moment in an otherwise gloomy day or:

  • a spearhead-shaped flight of geese overhead,
  • the swoop of a gull across a wave,
  • the gentle hiss of a wave breaking on sand,
  • the call of a plover through the mist.

The sound of the sea today

Listening is an important way to notice, to tie the mind into the calmness of the moment. Listen with all your concentration and enjoy this gift of the present.

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